N4184R Upgrades
Adelaide, AU (C172)
Microlights in Strethalbyn
Pipers in Sedona
Oshkosh 2002
Maui Fly-about
Sedona Jan 2003
March RAFB - Mar 2003
Flying Trips


I am a private pilot, and have been flying since 1987, mostly rental Cessna and Pipers, until Sep 2000, when I bought a 1968 Cherokee 6-300, N4184R.  It is my flying "family van".  I've done a lot of improvements to the plane:

bulletupgraded the interior;
bulletperformed a lot of system upgrades during its first annual;
bulletreplaced the instrument panel and avionics;
bullethad the plane stripped and painted with a custom-design.

When traveling on business, I try to include some personal flying, as time and opportunity permits.  This allows me to see various places in the world from the unique perspective of flying an airplane.  It also lets me put interesting log entries from around the world into my log book. Some of these flying trips have been recorded with pictures; the links are below.

bulletMarch 2000: Adelaide, AU (C172)
bulletMarch 2000: Microlights in Strethalbyn
bulletDec 8, 2001: Piper Fly-in at Sedona, AZ
bulletJuly 22-28 2002: Oshkosh trip
bulletDec 12, 2002: Flying Around Maui, Hawaii
bulletJan 19, 2003: Flight to Sedona, AZ
bulletMarch 22, 3003: March Reserve Air Force Base

I also write reports of most of my more interesting flying trips, and share them via email with flying friends and family.  The trip reports are available on their own page.

bulletIf you would like to learn more about the Pipers mailing list, please see "".
bulletIf you would like to learn more about the Cherokee Yahoo group, please see [].

Even though we're quite happy with our improved Cherokee 6-300, I still dream about someday owning or even building a sleek, composite-construction, laminar flow wing design plane.  Some of my favorites are listed below.

N4184R newly painted.jpg (91270 bytes)

Here is a picture of our plane: a 1968 Cherokee 6-300. Notice the new, patriotic paint scheme!
The Lancair Propjet IV/IV-P is an amazingly hot four-seater, single-engine plane.   With a Walter 601E, it is spec'ed at 390 MPH!!  Can you imagine?
Eclipse_sunset.jpg (136807 bytes) Someday, I'd like to own a small, personal twinjet, like the Eclipse 500.  At 85 lbs. each, the Williams jet engines have the highest thrust-to-weight ratio in the aviation industry.  The Eclispe 500 is also incredibly inexpensive for a fast jet with a fully electronic panel.
Lionheart.jpg (106926 bytes) Another plane that I'd like to build someday is the Griffon Lionheart.  It's R985 400 HP Wasp Jr. powerplant makes it plenty fast with a unmistakeable, memorable sound.
VelocityXLRG.jpg (16055 bytes) The Velocity is a pretty cool-looking and easy-to-fly plane.  I wish it had a little more payload and luggage space; it's really a 2+2 plane.
CirrusSR22.jpg (420260 bytes) The Cirrus Design's SR22 is very sleek, nicely appointed airplane.  It is relatively inexpensive, considering all of the nice avionics that come standard.
CarbonAero.jpg (48115 bytes) The CarbonAero, from AdamAircraft, is a very nice, fast, inline twin.

Here are some links to some of my favorite aviation-related sites.

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